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A coffee made from leaves …

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On our way to Istana Basa Pagaruyung, or popularly known as Istana Pagaruyung in Batusangkar, West Sumatra; we made a stop to enjoy a different kind of coffee.

The coffee is made from leaves not the bean. Why they made it from the leaves instead of bean? That’s because in the past there’s a misunderstanding on how to make a coffee. People thought making a coffee is similar with making a tea, that’s why they use the leaves of Kawa (daun kawa), and that tradition still exists until now. In fact you will find quite a few of the Kawa leaves coffee shop on your way to Batusangkar from Payakumbuh.

They don’t use cup to serve the coffee, but they use the coconut shell.

Indonesia - West Sumatra - Batusangkar - Tanah Datar - Kawa Daun coffee and some fried food

The coffee made from leaves of Kawa, served on a coconut shell accompanied with assorted fried food

While you’re drinking the coffee, you may enjoy the scenery of a vast of paddy field and a line of hills, or Bukit Barisan.

Enjoy … 🙂

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Indonesia - West Sumatra - Batusangkar - Tanah Datar - View of Bukit Barisan and paddyfield

A view from one of the Kawa daun coffee shop in Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia


3 thoughts on “A coffee made from leaves …

  1. That’s so interesting information, Timothy. By the way, was the place you visited like a modern coffee shop or like a traditional food stall? Secondly, is the coconut shell reusable? and the most important question, how does it taste? You haven’t shared the taste of It here 🙂

    • Last time, I visited the traditional coffee shop just beside the road. And looking at the coconut shell that is used, it should be reusable 😉

      Now about the taste, I kinda didn’t remember how the taste was as it’s already happened a long time ago, but if I could still remember, the taste is not as strong as regular coffee. Might be because it uses leaves instead of beans 😉

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