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Travel Photo Tournament … #Sea

Aloha …

I am so honoured to be invited by Dina from Dua Ransel (@DuaRansel) to join the #TurnamenFotoPerjalanan (Travel Photo Tournament) . And this week theme is #Sea.

This tournament is easy … Anyone can join it, submit it to blog, flickr, or whatever … and the winner of the tournament, can decide what’s the next theme for the tournament. This tournament is just for fun! And it is haha … ๐Ÿ˜€

At first, I thought I don’t have a lot of #Sea photos from my previous trip haha … I did went to Bali, … but then I remember that I went to Sawarna Beach some time ago (… but haven’t got a chance to write here it) … So I guess, this photo is a snippet of my next post about Sawarna (after I finished the Hong Kong series, of course haha!).

So for this week theme, I chose Pantai Karang Taraje (Karang Taraje Beach) in Sawarna.

Turnamen Foto Perjalanan - Sawarna Trip - Pantai Karang Taraje

Pantai Karang Taraje – Sawarma


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