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My first Starbucks planner …


Yeahh … that’s my first respond after I got my first ‘Starbucks Yearly Planner.’

I started collecting the sticker since last month …
When I first got my first sticker, I didn’t have any intentions to continue and collect all 25 stickers just to get this planner.

But one day, a crazy idea came to my mind.

‘Hey, why don’t I collect the entire sticker, to get my first Starbucks planner?’

‘All this year, I missed the planners, but why don’t I do it this year!’

Lol … 😀

Starbucks Planner - with the coverSo from that moment on, I tried to collect one sticker per day.

‘Just buy one drink, not necessarily the expensive one and it could be any sizes and I will get one sticker. That’s it!’

I also hesitated at first; whether I could collect the entire sticker before Christmas or not (I guess the deadline is 25 December 2011?), but I still moved on with the idea 😉

I knew I could do it …

And on Friday 09 Dec 2011, I got my last sticker in Starbucks Grand Indonesia, and exchange it with my first Starbucks Yearly Planner.

Woohoo … !!

Finally!! 😀


My first Starbucks Planner

Update (3 February 2012)

I just read some of the post about Starbucks and they included the photo of what’s it look like in the inside, so here’re the photo 🙂

I think I’m gonna grab the planner again this year … Love the planner 😀

This is from the front page of the planner
Starbucks Planner - Front Page

And these are pages at the beginning of each months 🙂 Nicee …
Starbucks Planner - Jan - Apr
Starbucks Planner - May - August
Starbucks Planner - September - December

Then this is in the end of the planner 😉
Starbucks Planner - Back (2)


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